The TAPAS Group – founded in 2011 –  is a team of 5 highly experienced experts in the field of clinical research. Each member has over 20 years experience in all aspects of research including freelance consulting. By combining their skills, expertise and experience the TAPAS Group has become a very powerful tool for all pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, hospitals and other research organizations. Companies can employ the TAPAS Group to conduct clinical research and expect the highest level of quality and continuity.

TAPAS Group goal
The goal of the TAPAS Group is to offer a complete package of clinical research expertise. The package can be shaped into a tailor-made unique bundle of services aimed at the specific needs of each individual client; anything from a small specialized component of your project, such as writing an Informed Consent Form for a pediatric study to a complete development research project.

TAPAS Group advantages

  • Freelance services
  • Low overhead costs
  • Extensive network
  • Highly Experienced Professionals
  • Flexible organization to achieve effective cooperation
  • Open and efficient communication lines
  • Backup is guaranteed in case unforeseen circumstances arise
  • TAPAS Group experts work with standardized procedures
  • You do business with the same people during the entire project to maintain continuity

TAPAS Group B.V.   |   Heideveldweg 47a   |   1251 XL Laren   |   The Netherlands   |   +31 (0)6 537 11800   |   info@tapasgroup.com