Monitor training

In order to increase the quality of studies and to guarantee patient safety, monitoring of human-related research by a monitor is desirable for investigator-initiated trials and even mandatory for drug and medical device research.

The monitor training by the TAPAS Group is an interactive training course of one or more days, depending on the basic knowledge and needs of the participant(s).

For whom is the monitor training?

For all those, such as researchers, research nurses, research coordinators, monitors and clinical research associates, who are or will be involved in monitoring activities.

Monitor training content

The purpose of this training is to teach participants monitor skills. Case studies and exercises are used that are focused on practice.

After attending the classroom training, the TAPAS Group offers the participant the possibility of a guidance programme for monitoring in practice: “Training on the Job”.

Costs of monitor training

The costs of the training depend on the content of the training program.

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