WMO-GCP Basic training

The WMO-GCP basic e-learning is a training course for participants who want to be well informed about setting up, carrying out and completing medical research according to national and international legislation and regulations.

Going through this training will take about 8 hours.

After completion you are well prepared for participation in the national GCP-WMO exam, organized by EMWO (www.EMWO.nl).

For whom is the  WMO-GCP Basic e-learning Training?

For all those involved in designing and implementing scientific research such as for example doctors, nurses, nurse specialists, research nurses, research coordinators, monitors and clinical research associates. pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, research team members, paramedics, psychologists, physician assistants, technical physicians.

After completion you are well prepared for participation in the national GCP-WMO exam, organized by EMWO.

The training includes useful tips and tricks for anyone who is going to set up or carry out medical scientific research.

The training course is accredited by V&VN, Nursing Specialists, NAPA, KNMG-GAIA & TransCelerate.

Going through the training takes about 8 hours. You can go through the course at your own pace, stop in between, and continue at a later date.

The training provides knowledge of the following basic principles of medical scientific research:

  • National and international laws and regulations.
  • Non-WMO research / Biobanks
  • Setting up, carrying out and completing medical-scientific research for research that is subject to the WMO.
  • Pharmaceutical research (e.g. ICH-GCP guideline).
  • Medical device research (0a. ISO14155).
  • Quality assurance (Motoring, auditing).

Upon completion of this training you will understand why legislation and regulations for implementation of scientific research are necessary and you will have the tools to design and implement scientific research involving human subjects.

  • Costs: € 135 (excluding VAT)

  • Duration: 8 hours

  • 1 year access tot the e-learning

  • Available in English or Dutch

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