WMO-GCP Light training

The WMO-GCP light e-learning is the ideal training for trainees who want to be well informed about the basic principles of medical research according to national and international laws and regulations.

The WMO-GCP light e-learning has been developed by trainers who carry out various activities in medical-scientific research. The training contains useful tips and tricks for the practical conduct of medical research involving human subjects. The training courses of the TAPAS Group are a bridge towards practice.

For whom is the WMO-GCP Light e-learning?

The WMO-GCP light e-learning is a training course suitable for research staff who are involved in the performance of medical research with human subjects but who do not independently perform or coordinate the research.

After completing this e-learning, you will understand why certain procedures for medical research are the way they are, and the underlying idea. It will become clear to you why you have to perform certain actions and administrative actions according to a certain procedure.

Going through the training takes about 3 hours.  You can go through the training at your own pace, stop in between, and continue at a later time.

This training contains the following basic principles of medical scientific research:

  • History of laws and regulations (e.g. Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Declaration)
  • National and international laws and regulations (including the Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act).
  • Responsibilities when conducting medical scientific research.
  • Setting up, carrying out and completing WMO mandatory medical-scientific research.
  • Additional requirements for research into medicines (e.g. ICH-GCP directive).
  • Additional requirements for medical devices research (e.g. ISO14155 standard)
  • Cost: € 85 (excluding VAT)

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • 1 year access to the e-learning

  • Available in English or Dutch

  • WMO-GCP Certificate light after completion of training

In the appendices of the training, the ICH-GCP guideline is available for the participant.

Need more information?  Send an e-mail to info@tapasgroup.com!