Classroom/ Online (Zoom/ Teams)

WMO-GCP re-registration / refresher course

The classroom/ online (Zoom/Teams) WMO-GCP re-registration/refresher  is a training which can be used as refresher and for re-registration in the national WMO-GCP register at EMWO. This training course always includes the latest changes, developments in legislation and regulations and the implementation of medical scientific research.

Re-registration in national WMO-GCP register at EMWO

The WMO-GCP re-registration certificate is valid for 3 years. Attending a re-registration is necessary to renew your registration in the WMO-GCP register in time.

After completing this training, your re-registration in the national WMO-GCP register at EMWO will be initiated by us.

WMO-GCP refresher training

This training course is also suitable for refreshing your knowledge on medical-scientific research. After completing the training, you can download a certificate as proof of having completed the training.

Duration of the classroom training is 3 hours.

The training provides knowledge of the principles of medical scientific research:

  • National and international laws and regulations.
  • Non-WMO/ Biobanks.
  • Setting up, carrying out and completing of Medical Research Involving Human Subjects Act (WMO) research
  • Pharmaceutical research (CH-GCP guideline).
  • Medical device research (ISO14155).
  • Quality assurance (motoring, auditing).

After completing this training, you will be fully up to date on how to conduct medical research and the latest changes.

The training course is accredited by V&VN, Nursing Specialists, NAPA, KNMG-GAIA & TransCelerate.

  • Costs: on request

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • WMO-GCP Certificate for re-registration / refreshment after completion of training

For every participant who takes a training course from the TAPAS Group, € 1.50 will be donated to the organisation Interplast.

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