Customised training

The WMO-GCP re-registration/refresher Elearning is a training which can be used as refresher and for re-registration in the national WMO-GCP register at EMWO. This training course always includes the latest changes, developments in legislation and regulations and the implementation of medical scientific research.

Re-registration in national WMO-GCP register at EMWO

The WMO-GCP re-registration certificate is valid for 3 years. Attending a re-registration is necessary to renew your registration in the WMO-GCP register in time.

After completing this training, your re-registration in the national WMO-GCP register at EMWO will be initiated by us.

WMO-GCP refresher training

This training course is also suitable for refreshing your knowledge on medical-scientific research. After completing the training, you can download a certificate to proof that you have completed the training.

Going through the e-learning takes about 4 hours of your time. You can go through the training at your own pace, stop in between, and continue at a later time.

This e-learning covers the following basic principles of medical scientific research:

  • National and international laws and regulations.
  • Research that is not subject to the WMO requirement/ Biobanks.
  • Setting up, carrying out and completing medical scientific research that is subject to the WMO.
  • Pharmaceutical research (e.g. ICH-GCP guideline).
  • Medical device testing (0a. ISO14155).
  • Quality assurance (motoring, auditing).

After completing this training, you will be fully up to date on conducting medical research and the latest changes.

The training course is accredited by V&VN, Nursing Specialists, NAPA, KNMG-GAIA & TransCelerate.

  • Cost: €85 (excluding VAT)

  • Time span: 4 hours

  • Access to the online training for 2 months

  • Available in English or Dutch

  • WMO-GCP Certificate for re-registration / refreshment after completion of training

In the appendices of the e-learning, the ICH-GCP guideline version R2 is available for the student. This is a useful document to have and it can be downloaded by the student.

After you have completed the e-learning, you can download a certificate to prove that you have completed this WMO-GCP Re-registration / Refresh e-learning.

For every participant who takes a training course from the TAPAS Group, € 1.50 will be donated to the organisation Interplast.

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